Saturday, September 6, 2014

Bad Clear Coat? Peeling, Cracking?

We just had a 2006 Honda we repaired for a client. The clear looked terrible. It was turning white,blistering and peeling off. Had a few scratches and dents which needed attention too. We started by removing the lights and bumpers, then we repaired the dents and removed the damaged clear coat.

After sanding for about 8 hours and 4 hours of dent repair we taped it up to prime the damage.

We then block sanded the primer removed the tape and paper cleaned it, taped it up again and put it in the booth.
 We spray the bumpers, mirrors and spoiler individually

                         After 4 coats of primer, 1 coat of sealer and 3 coats of base coat color

2 coats of clear, re assembly and detailing the 2006 Honda is ready to go home!

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The total time involved in a job like this was very close to 40 man hours. This paint job was done for a great price! If you need a paint job on your vehicle you can visit our web site for contact information All Precision Collision Repair