Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy New Year! Back to the Shop!

After the holiday hangover? Wow it was busy. We had a great time with our family and we are back in the shop working on some new collision repair jobs and getting back into the groove.

I want to thank all our loyal customers for making last year a great success and one of the best years in business. We repaired a lot of Chevrolet's last year but also did a great mix of the competing brands. We fix all makes and models so don't worry our experience carries over to all vehicles on the road including campers and RV's.

I should have made a video of the headlight repair I did on a 2011 CTS yesterday. Headlight full of moisture, cost of a new one over $1000. We removed the lamp dried it out resealed the lamp and now it is good as new! Warranty covered the drivers side but the passenger side failed after the warranty expired! All good now. When we say we restore headlights we mean it!

Dull faded lamps reduce your visibility at night and can cause an accident. Come by the shop or go to our website and get the mobile app let us take a look and we can either repair or replace your headlamps and get your nighttime visibility back to a safe distance.

With daylight dwindling early in our days you need all the help you can get to make it home safely. Fog, rain, sunset and darkness see us to make your lighting the best it can be.

Get our mobile app so you can save a trip to the shop and shoot us pictures of your body damage before you turn it in to your Insurer to save you time and money.

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Have a great day and be safe out there!