Friday, June 6, 2014

Marshville's #1 Auto Body Repair Shop In Union County North Carolina

Where is Marshville you say? Have you ever heard of Randy Travis? Randy was raised here in Marshville, a few short miles from Monroe and Charlotte North Carolina in Union County. I know there are big box store Auto Body Repair Shops around Union County but from what I found on Yelp and other places the customer service experience is lost to the cheap and the fast. No we do not take any longer to get cars in and out of our Body Shop. But we do not let pressure from Insurance companies cause us to cut corners on our customer repairs. We have a 100% Customer service experience at our collision repair shop and we are proud of it!

There is a large chain shop in my area Insurers send their customers to and you should read the reviews about the poor customer service and time it took to perform repairs here. Online reviews of Insurer recommended shop  I have no negatives anywhere on the web, we are a BBB A+ rated shop without a complaint ever!

What I am trying to say is that regardless of what Insurance companies may tell you, It does not take any longer to get quality one on one repairs, the best materials, the best color match, the finest repair job, save money on your payment portion of the repair, get a rental car, get your car towed to our body shop and have peace of mind in your repairs.

Had an accident? Need help getting through the insurance maze? Call us before you call your insurance company, 704-624-5659, out of the Charlotte area? Call our toll free number 855-280-9590. Or you can contact us for a free consultation

You can also get a ton of FREE information on our web site. All Precision Collision Repair on the web

Bob Winfrey
I am a certified auto body technician with over 35 years experience and 30 certifications in the Industry. Published author and a diminished value inspector.
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