Sunday, September 13, 2015

The mods are nearing completion, all glass removed, interior is removed, bed is in primer. We stripped every inch of 40 year old paint and some terrible old bodywork. We found rust holes plugged with foam, paper, glass mat and Bondo. Rust was everywhere under the primer. Years ago body techs thought that thicker was better. It was great at hiding bad work or wavy panels but it ultimately will fail and cause some serious blisters and problems later on.

By removing all the old primer filler and paint and using more modern catalyzed materials. The life of this new body and paint work could be 10-15 years. Longer if kept inside and out of the weather.

Here are some new pics of the progress. And although we still use filler it is the best product on the market today and is decades ahead of the old products.

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