Monday, August 15, 2016

Lately I have been seeing a lot more news activity on aftermarket parts. GM just put a new video together and here is the link to the page Genuine GM parts. A local news station also has a real good story about the quality of these parts. 9 investigates Insurance companies cutting corners I suggest that you view both stories so you are ahead of the curve should you have an Insurance claim on your vehicle,

It has become such prevalent behavior that we had to write our own policy to protect our shop and customers when they are mandated by the Insurer.

"We are ready to get started on repairs but I wanted you to know that when dealing with aftermarket parts and fitment we will handle these parts the same as OEM. In other words we will trim the parts out that need to be and install them if they do not fit they cannot be returned because they have been painted. That means you will own them either way. This may also cause additional delays in the repair process because of parts ordering and other delays in the approval process to get OEM parts.

It has been our past experience that no matter who the manufacturer of the aftermarket part is the fit and quality of the part is not the same as OEM parts. Just inspecting the parts when they are unpackaged is not enough to insure fitment. Bumper covers and grilles aftermarket will not fit the same as OEM. The customer has expressed a concern about the quality of these parts also.

OEM restock, blems or whatever the company calls them are rejected parts from the manufacturer that were not up to the quality standard for fitment at the factory. If the customer complains about the fitment after repairs are completed you will be charged to do the repairs a second time. There is no restocking and repacking these parts for returns after installation. We cannot save all the packaging these parts came in sometimes it is not possible.

If you would like these parts test fit before installation there will be a charge for R&I of each part that is aftermarket to install remove and install them."

Sad to say how inferior these knockoff parts really are. In the past we were only required to use them on older cars when there was no other options available. Some Insurance companies are now forcing consumers to have these parts installed on new cars with low mileage on them. 

They usually don't fit or function like the new parts from the manufacturer. A great description of this problem here. Aftermarket parts

I have found that Liberty Mutual is the only Insurer that will require the use of OEM parts in your repairs. This make your vehicle as close as possible to Pre-Accident Condition.

We have had some great projects in the shop and we have been very busy! Sorry for no stories but I will hopefully have a little free time to write once in a while!

Bob Winfrey

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