Friday, November 28, 2014

1989 Chevy Blazer All Jacked Up

Major Progress on our custom build for a customer. Transferring his 1980 Chevy K-5 Blazer frame with a new Target Master 350 Chevy to a 1989 Chevy K-5 Blazer Body. the new body has all the body panels in very good condition, A/C and power windows. We also added a 3 inch body lift to get this project off of the ground.

De-wiring the computer was interesting but we were able to do it and keep everything working like it should. We had to remove about 80 wires from the harness and trim things back to look good but as it turned out we only had 6 wires left at the fuse box that we did not need anymore. The older vehicle needed a diode added to the alternator wire so the engine would shut off when you turned the key off.

There was an electric fuel pump wire going back to the gas tank we did not need because the 1980 engine had a mechanical fuel pump. That was simple to take out of the harness. We had to cut a hole in the floor pan for the manual shifter, transfer case lever and clutch rod. Not as bad as I originally thought.

We cleaned up the radiator support and front fenders under the hood, trimmed them out semi gloss black and gloss white. We also repainted his frame and axles before moving the chassis to the new truck.

We added a cowl hood from Classic Industries and with some tweaking we got it to fit the fenders and the radiator support. Although it was not a perfect fit we were able to make it look really good on the truck.

The roof was a solid sheet of rust and we had to strip the rust and old paint off, we cleaned it with a metal cleaner from PPG and primed it with a direct to metal acid etch primer. The front fenders and tailgate were stripped to bare metal and the dent repair was minor but those panels are in primer now.

The 2 doors and 2 quarter panels are left and although not a piece of cake they are repairable.

I will update this story after the customer authorizes the rest of the needed repairs.

The K-5 is going to be painted Red, White and Blue. Can't wait to get it completely done and back home to the customer!

Roof half stripped bad case of surface rust

Body mounted with 3" lift

Roof after strip and prime

Under hood finishing up the wiring

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